Shinkai Shounen 
Drew a whole dakimakura just so I kan do dis… I really nid to get a life OTL
Do they even look like Haru orz ?
Champion - Ragnarok Online

I miss RO ;__;
But that game is extremely dangerous to my sanity/free time/drawing will

Concept sketch for GaMzEe mAkArA
- I feel bad for starting this and then stop because of school works and exams ;-; so here a little bonus for people who’s been following while waiting for the next page.
I realized except for John, I don’t draw a lot of HS boys. And I don’t have a single painting/drawing of male trolls!!!!!!!!
The next part is a short essay about my concept about Gamzee in this AU, you can skip since it’s not really important. But if you want to know more why I choose something like that then feel free to scroll down~
For some reason I kinda like Gamzee even though I don’t read HS thoroughly and I mostly skipped his parts ( Or mostly everyone’s parts except Vriska and John ).
His role is minister of Cerebrum ( And I just realize while typing this that cerebrum is the thinking part of the brain… ). Their culture is adapt from Turkey so his clothes may look a bit like this ( Of course with modifications). The reason for that is … I feel like it. It’s fit his image!
As for his importance in the story, I’d say a lot. As I planned through the story line, Gamzee appeared more than I expected in the beginning but well, as long as he’s doing his job, I don’t really care.
Gamzee is carefree and sometimes, reckless. Despite his high status, he never cares about politic stuffs that much. The only time he’d ever involved himself in is probably when the Nitrams decided to immigrant to Halitus because of their issue with the Ignis minister, Vriska Serket. (Spoiler: I ship Gamzee/Tavros) He was pretty against this at first because it’s-obvious-he-took-an-interest-in-the-Nitram-’s-young-master-Tavros, but due to some conditions, he had to agree in the end. However, to everyone surprise, he don’t mind helping his possible love rival Vriska by sheltering her and even provide her food and supplies for the escape trip. No one knows for sure what Gamzee is thinking and which side he’s on. But he’s the type that needs to be cautious with.
As his Bard title in the original HS, I thought of his hobbies as playing harp since I loooooooove harp ( doesn’t mean I can play it ) and c’mon, imagine how seductive he would look! (excuse me for my sick mind). As for weapon, I also pretty much obsessed with the idea of him holding a magnum, especially after seeing this since I already broke the rule of keeping the original weapon by letting Vriska have a pistol instead ( Spoiler: This may be concerned with the fact that Gamzee is a illegal arms dealer ). But well, it’s not like I restrict them to have the ability to use more than one type of weapons or something.
Took me 4 days @.@ Turned out better than expected, but if I could, I’d redo her dress. It’s so plain and boring and simple compare to other things that I slapped a ridiculous amount of details on.